Scrap Tyre Compaction

Scrap Tyre Compaction

Background & Introduction

The idea and a vision that could dramatically transform the used tyre recycling industry in the UK and around the world. Albert Herring (the inventor) has invested time. energy an a lifetime of experience creating different prototypes to prove the concept, and patent the innovative technology that tyres are cut as in photos, joined end to end and spooled on a continuous roll. As demonstrated in our video. He is now seeking further funding to construct an automated demonstration machine to introduce to the tyre industry.


 Collectively the potential benefits are impressive - in theory.

There are many significant benefits for everybody involved in used tyre disposal/re-cycling, less manual handing, less storage space, reduced tyre transport costs, and significant savings on further processing. The commercial and environmental benefits are massive, millions of tyres are removed every year.


In practice ..... who will pay?

Tyre depots already own land to store the removed tyres

Tyre collection services would still require 2 man crews unless all tyre collections were from sites with spooled tyres.

Tyre shredding plants already have the expensive shredding/chipping machines.

The challenge is to find a commercially and technically viable solution.

Albert Herring's ideas for spooling tyres would automatically transform the used tyre recycling industry in the UK and around the world.The prototypes already built prove the idea this is technically feasible. The potential benefits are vast.

However ..for the tyre disposal industry to adopt Albert's solutions would bring about dramatic change across the industry. If adopted Albert's ideas would drive changes in the processes, the machinery, and the economics of the tyre re-cycling market.

Seeking funding for an automated prototype without an existing industry partner is a high risk. However, for anyone involved in the existing tyre disposal market to support this, they would need to be sure of both the technical and commercial viability of Albert's ideas. The risk is not just in the technical feasibility but whether it is commercially viable and how it would impact their existing business. In the current market most businesses will be reluctant on a technical feasibility project that would almost certainly raise as many questions as it answers. We need a new approach.

A Different approach just as the idea of slicing and spooling used tyres represents a significant change to the tyre disposal market, this website proposes a subtly different

  • Form a new business that is forged from one or various partners, with a vested interest in the commercial success of Albert's ideas.
  • Partner/Partners in the tyre industry would be a great asset.
  • Create a new "brand" synonymous with the totality of Albert's process.

Build the new business as a global multi-national designer/supplier of environmental tyre disposal systems designed around Albert Herring's idea of spooled tyres.  Each partner has a vested interest in the success of this company. The business will own the patents and will manage the design, construction, sales and marketing for a range of innovative new products.


The Vision

A Global "green" brand and market-leading supplier of tyre re-cycling systems designed around Albert Herring's idea.