Scrap Tyre Compaction

Scrap Tyre Compaction

Billions used tyres and nowhere for them to go...Scrap Tyre Compaction is a good solution.........




                                                  Ten Tyres                   Ten Tyres


The World produces billions used tyres each year. Enough tyres to go all the way around the globe. Haven't you ever asked yourself:-

Where do used tyres go?...

Some tyres can safely be re-used or be used to make re-tread tyres. Others are dumped or shredded to be used as fuel to make cement.


A crisis in used tyres...

For years, used tyres were dumped in landfill. More recently dumping used tyres is illegal, so most used tyres have been burned. However, with pressure to burn other forms of waste and because of the high the cost of collecting used tyres...that Our System overcomes,  many cement-kilns are over-supplied with used tyres. Unless something is done, there will quickly be a glut of used tyres. 40 million tyres each year and no-where to go.


We have a solution...and we need partner/partners.

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