Scrap Tyre Compaction

Scrap Tyre Compaction

SCRAP TYRE COMPACTION is a process set up to improve the recycling and disposal of used tyres.

Scrap tyres is one of the biggest social problem the world faces today. We have an idea and a vision that could dramatically transform the dumping of tyres in the UK and around the world. We have designed a revolutionary system that reduces tyres into a continuous spool. Spooled tyres take up much less space and are far easier to transport. No more manual lifting and loading of bulky tyres. We have designed systems to reduce storage space, to make transport easy and also systems to extract value from each tyre.



Imagine a world where used tyres have value and every tyre is re-cycled, re-used or creates green-energy.


  • Used tyres not dumped
  • Green-Energy + useful products
  • No pollution

For more information on the environmental and commercial benefits please read on.



 Other uses of tyre strips from the process

           Tyres are pinned side by side  

 The 6ft rolls of tyres can be used for barriers,   or  you can make smaller rolls for your requirements.




6ft spool of tyres 90-100 tyres                   
Temporary Road surfaces 6ft x 20ft = 18 tyres.
Any width or length is possible,    suitable for farmers, construction works, etc
We have the technology to transport 100s of tyres in a space saving style.



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